17 Jul 2007, 3:04pm
by michael
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Back to Kukup Village after 20+ years!

We first learnt that there would be a trip to Kukup village organized by Jelyn & Howard’s friends some time back in late April’07. Since then we have met up with some of the folks going on the trip (Jason, Chiew Lin, Shirley, Yaohui, Jelyn, Howard) at Citylink’s New York New York for dinner.

It was soon 14th July and we all met up at Singapore Science Centre in Jurong East in the late morning. With a a convoy of 4 Toyota’s (1 x Camry, 1 x Corolla, 2 x Altis), we soon made way via Tuas 2nd Link to Kukup. The trip was pretty smooth through the various checkpoints and toll booths and took approximately an hour traveling mostly on single lane roads. We managed to get to Kukup at about 1pm+ and the cars were left overnight at the nearby Carpark #1 for a low fee. With about 3 ferries from the provided transport, we were soon making our way to Kukup Venice, our accommodations for the weekend.

I remember my first time here 20+ years ago when my dad used to drive the family up for weekend trips that Kukup was a small and rather quaint village. It definitely has changed somewhat over the years with more houses and vehicles plying the roads. The houses in the village however look pretty much the same near the entrance. They are still pretty much constructed from wood but there were small upgrades like air-conditioned units. We walked through the small village on stilts during the low tide and caught sight of the inhabitants of the mangrove swamp, crabs and mudskippers which were abundant. Walking nearer end of the village could see signs of modernization with houses being renovated for tourists and having much better facilities.

Kukup Venice was a short 10 minute walk through the houses near the end of the village. We were pleasantly surprised to actually find a well furnished brick house with high ceilings and clean sleeping environments. The owners of the house were extremely friendly in helping ensure we had a good stay and even personally prepared most of our meals during our stay. With facilities like karaoke and mahjong, it helped most of us spend the time over the weekend enjoying ourselves.

Kukup Venice Holiday Villa Resort
No. 40 Kukup Laut
82300 Pontian, Johor
Tel : 07-696 1516




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