11 Feb 2009, 1:23am
by yappy
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Reunion Dinner for Year of the Ox

This year’s Chinese New Year reunion dinner is especially strong in numbers, as my aunt’s family and mine are able to join in of those of my parents’ and uncles’. We had 3 steamboat sets, 2 of which comes with bbq function to serve dinner for 15 adults and 4 kids. It was noisy and messy but all these add flavour and fun to the annual highlight of the Lunar Calendar.

19 Jan 2009, 3:50pm
by yappy
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Happy 牛 Year

So fast! Already 19 days of 2009 have flown past. We are now less than a week into the Lunar New Year. Was slotting money into red packets with Mic over a video last night, after a sumptious dinner to celebrate my mum’s birthday.

Wanted to find time to bake some cookies (only had time for pre-packed type) but now don’t think so, as still got cleaning up to do (windows and packing old clothes for a donation drive) as well as gatherings with friends etc (this year lucky no gathering at my place haha)

This year, we will have a chance to go back to my parents’ for CNY reunion dinner with my extended family after an absence of 2 years.  :)   My in-laws side wanted to do reunion dinner earlier as my sister and brother inlaws cannot do reunion dinner on the 25 Jan as well. 

Ever since 2009 started, work has been busy. Last 2 weeks were bad. Had to run all over the place to settle some CNY corporate gifts and to find fitting boxes.

I think this year would just fly by before we know it as well.  I’m not one for resolutions, but just some things to look forward to or hope for this year?

Good health and safety for all my families, relatives and friends
A better year for Mic and myself and our siblings in our careers
A cute and healthy little niece or nephew come July
More good times with families and friends
Bliss in our marriage
Self-improvement, patience and wisdom gained for Mic and I
Happiness, prosperity and peace for all
Happy 牛 Year, everyone.

20 Feb 2007, 11:52pm
by michael
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New Year Lunch, Ben & Jerries, Protege and Pizza!

This year’s usual gathering of my secondary friends was slightly different in that it was super rushed :) We first had a nice 6 course set lunch at Gim Tim restaurant. Zh and Jo had earlier dropped off a monster tub (@$88) of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and we had that for dessert .. 2 scoops each for 10 of us… That’s one huge tub pictured below!

Our next stop was to watch the Andy Lau movie “Protege” which is about the heroin business and a “behind the scenes” look at how this trade comes about. I would probably rate this a 3 out of 5 since there isn’t any real suspense to the movie.

After the movie, we moved on to Ig’s n Yy’s place for dinner (pizza) and afterwards enjoyed a taste of 3 different types of Inniskillin Ice Wine. *grin* the night ended with a rather empty wallet but hey, its a once a year occurence so shall just enjoy the spirit of another lunar year :)